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Indie is not a genre, it’s an attitude!

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Indie games aren’t just a genre, they’re an attitude!
The spirit fuels our creativity, pushing past limits with pure innovation.
It’s about crafting experiences that evoke emotions and resonate deeply with players.

We create passionately because we believe in working with people, not just crunching numbers.
Our goal??? To make games for players, not clients.

Game development can be tough, but we embrace the challenge. With every obstacle comes an opportunity for fun and creativity.
It’s this passion that turns the pain of crafting into pure magic.

Join us on this adventure, where every game is a labour of love and every player is a part of our story.
Let’s create something amazing together!


immagine copertina indieca video games

Welcome to our powerhouse of creativity! We’re an experienced and dynamic network of small but mighty companies and talented freelancers, seasoned in both marketing magic and blockbuster production.

Our team is equipped to tackle every aspect of your game, ensuring it reaches its full potential.
No matter what stage your game is at, our team is ready to jump in, level up your project, and help turn your vision into a gaming legend.

Ready to take your game to the next dimension? Let’s play!!!


Welcome to Indieca, where we’re all about helping your indie game dreams come true!

At Indieca, we’re on a mission to create, support, and spotlight indie games, connecting them with the audiences they deserve.

We believe that with the right tech and a team of passionate creators, even small teams can achieve big results… no soul-selling is required!

Got a hidden gem lurking on your laptop? We think it’s time to bring it into the spotlight.

Partner with us, and let’s take your game to the next level together!

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